Terry Everitt - bird Carver(non-registered)
Hi Robbie, hope you're well mate, just taken a look through your recent photos (2013) to see what's new? some awesome new pics mate, for obvious reasons the Kingfisher and Robin photos stand out, Stunning! As I haven't made it to any of the fishing matches this year I wondered whether you were still going out and about with your camera, I'm hoping o get to one of the matches before winter gets here? so I might see you yet? Great photos mate!!
Jamie Hall(non-registered)
I had the pleasure of Roberts company on one of my 1-1 Adder workshops and was blown away by his enthusiasm and want for getting stunning images. Also the way he acts around wild animals, his knowledge and field craft really stand out - I've no doubt that Robert is an incredible wildlife photographer in the making. But then you'll already know this if you've spent time looking through his images.
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