Australia 2012 - sailing the 'Domino' in the Whitsunday Islands

A 'view of the wild' by Robert Paul Hoye
My ambition is to share a passion for wildlife and the outdoors with visitors to this site through my pictures and insightful information that hopefully compliments them.
I have had a passion for wildlife, walking and the outdoors since a early age.
This passion has been steadily nurtured from a combination of various experiences and memories throughout my life.
Experiences such as spending many an hour fishing in an eerie silence watching the morning mist magically levitating above the water as the sun slowly climbed higher in the sky turning it from a subdued grey to a gleaming gold. The silence would soon be interrupted by the awakening of songbirds as they conveyed their excitement to the start of the new day. That kingfisher that perched on the end of your fishing rod eying the waters for the quick flash of silver that would show the promise of a meal.
Long morning walks along overgrown footpaths and meadows when you have that chance close encounter with a wild animal. The way you both freeze in a heightened sense of alertness as you assess each other and the animal is weighing up which of its strongest instincts of curiosity and fear will prevail. That is the moment that you are motionless, hardly daring to breathe in an effort to prolong the experience for as long as possible.
Those times when you are sitting quietly under a tree, taking in your surroundings and you are witness to a bird or animal in their natural environment going about their business unaware of your presence as they forage for food or display acts of courtship. Its always magical to be able to observe a wild animal displaying natural behavior uninfluenced by the presence of humans. This might mean you have had to spend hours in a hide or lying down behind available cover never quite comfortable but spurred on by the chance of bearing witness to something you have never seen or experienced before.
It is these moments and experiences that I intend to try and share through my pictures.

A brief background
Born 1974
Currently living in Suffolk
Having read every Willard Price Adventure book as a child I have always had a fascination with animals and adventure.
I have my brother James to thank for getting me interested in photography just over three years ago.
I found that it was a perfect way to capture those experiences I cherished whilst out walking.
My first what I would call proper camera was a secondhand Canon 400D digital SLR and I absolutely loved it and desperately wanted to learn how to use it properly.
Photography is a steep learning curve for a beginner and can be very frustrating as well as hugely rewarding.
Having got to grips with the 400D a bit more I was smitten with photography and soon wanted to upgrade to a higher level camera.
My next camera was a carefully considered purchase of a secondhand Canon 5D full frame camera which is an absolutely amazing camera and is responsible for a majority of all my pictures.
As an amateur all my purchases have to be carefully considered and researched as like so many people there is always a budget governing what equipment I will own.
Recently I have invested in better lenses as they are to me the most essential part of the package which I have discovered through experience.
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To be continued...